The Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID), organized by the Madrid Design Foundation, takes place every two year at the Design Central of Matadero Madrid. It is a center of contemporary creations, promoted by Madrid’s City Council of Culture and Sports Areas of Governance, as well as the most important meeting of contemporary design of all Ibero-America.

The BID constructed itself as an environment that generate and share ideas.

The BID is a call that not only allows the public to discover the field of design and what surrounds it, but it is also a meeting point. On one hand, it allows reflection and thought, and on the other hand, it establishes relations between professionals from both business and academic sectors.

Participating in the call offers the candidates an access to the BID Seal, a label of quality and standard of excellence that conveys some opportunities.

The Exhibition

The BID central exhibition shows a condensed amount of some of the best recent forms of design in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. It is made of approximately 400 works of designers of all areas of design: space and interior design, product/industrial Design, graphic design and visual communication, fashion design, textiles and accessories, digital design, design of services and integral/transversal designs. Amongst all these works, selected by the Advisory Committee, an international Jury will choose the best ones of each category and will grant them with an international award.

The BID event

For this next edition, as in the previous ones, the BID will host during its opening week debates, conferences and meetings. It represents an opportunity to share point of views and proposals that will help to portray a hopeful design to improve our society. Because of the new context brought by COVID-19, we will program and develop complementary activities to the BID exhibition that will allow to contextualize the projects that were gathered for this seventh edition, for both the present and the foreseeable future.

The BID Awards

Seven awards per category and fourteen special awards will be granted by an international jury composed of renowned leading practitioners in the field.

This edition will incorporate the new Image and City award

Call for applications

Special calls:

Enterprise and Design. The “Frank Memelsdorff” Award
Research and Design

Consult the descriptive profiles of the Awards

The BID label

Recognition and quality label that reinforces the awards and their mentions. The participants may use the BID Seal as a guarantee of quality and Ibero-American trademark.

The BID Catalogue

The participating designers will be part of a catalogue (printed and digital). Near 400 entries, biographies, descriptions and photos of the works are published in this catalogue and on an online gallery. This document is a historical summary, but also a big source of references in the field of Ibero-American design. Each edition, in turn, refers to the previous one.

The Gallery of Works

The BID website is a track record of the works and designers that are part of the design community. Each edition presents in an active way the catalogue’s references, classified by country, category and award.

The BID Guided Tours

The exhibition extends over time thanks to tours that develop individually or through other design festivals, meetings or programs. We took part in different editions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Guatemala, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Hungary… disseminating quality Ibero-American design.


– Promote design in Ibero-America.
– Disseminate the work of Ibero-American professionals and students.
– Allow the public to discover the culture of design.
– Boost reflection within the academic sphere.
– Consolidate and create networks to encourage exchanges between professionals, schools, organizations, promoting centers, institutions, companies, etc.
– Push government policies to realize that design in Ibero-America is a driving force for economic development.
– Influence, through design, the issues contained in the Madrid Declaration.


In November 2007, 24 designers from 14 different countries of Ibero-America were called by DIMAD to reunite in Madrid. As all exercised the profession from different practices and acted on it from different perspectives, they formed the Advisory Committee of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID) and wrote and signed this declaration that has served as a position statement about Design.

BID Declaration (Spanish)

BID Declaration (Portuguese)

DIMAD Manifest


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